Frizzy roots, wild ends, a mind of its own… Is this sounding familiar at all? If so, don’t worry, we can help you learn how to tame the beast that is your curly hair. It may not be easy at first and may be confusing. You may even think for a second that you wished you just had straight hair because it’s easier. But for us curly haired people, when we have good days and proper care, we look like superstars!

We have some amazing must know tips and tricks for you about how to take care of your curly hair without ruining it

1. First things first… Throw out your brush!

Boar bristles are only going to damage your precious curls! Instead, use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. Also, always comb from the bottom up and never detangle dry hair, it’s painful and can cause LOTS of frizz.

2. Stay away from bath towels!

Bath towels have lots of little threads that will cause friction in your hair and lead to frizziness. Instead opt for a microfiber towel that will be much gentler on your hair, or even an old t-shirt!
*Pro-Tip: If you want your curly hair to have more volume, wash it upside down!

3. Use a diffuser!

A diffuser is the perfect way to style your curls to your liking! First squeeze out all the extra moisture, if it’s frizzy add some water, then add some mousse and heat protectant. Next, actually twirl your curls into your desired shape and diffuse!

5. Get Regular Trims

People with curly hair should typically get a trim every 6-12 weeks. This will help get rid of split ends that cause extra frizz and will help you keep your hair layered for better curls.

6. Get rid of your cotton pillowcases!

A silk pillowcase will help your curls maintain its shape and volume. To add even more protection against bedhead, we recommend the “pineapple trick”. The pineapple trick is where you loosely gather your hair and tie it at the highest point of your head for sleep.

7. Plan ahead!

If you know the weather can set your hair off, try to remember to always keep a scrunchy on you to quickly throw your hair in a bun if need be, or check ahead and braid your hair instead of just letting it down.
Follow these tips to help you in all your curly hair endeavors and keep you looking super and confident with your curly locks!
Apr 18th 2018

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