Finding the perfect styling or curling iron can be difficult for non-stylists, as there are many kinds of curling irons and different alloys that create the plates that go onto them. The most common types, and what they are made of are what will be further explained below to potentially help the customer make the best decision for their hair or client’s hair when purchasing new irons. Each type of iron does the same …
Nov 12th 2020

Black Friday is here!

This Allure Best of Beauty Award winning sponge is affordable and hundreds of beauty bloggers swear by it's flawless blurry blending results! $2.67 - reg $4.45The Charcoal trend is here to stay with proven purifying results for complexion clearing. This exfoliating face sponge is a good place to start if you haven't tried charcoal products yet, and is made from 100% natural ingredients. Now $3.59Grab a Charcoal Body Loofah while you're at it! - $5.99 - reg $9.99The brush basics you need to get t …
Nov 20th 2018

CBD 101

CBD (aka Cannabidiol) has been somewhat of a trending topic lately and we’re sure you’ve heard about it by now but if by some chance you haven’t, hello! We’re here to teach you about and answer all your CBD questions and help you become an expert on the topic! First things first, what IS CBD?  CBD is one of 60 compounds that come from 1 compound in cannabis, called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids have a variety of medicinal and therapeutic effects that marijuana offers. Does it get you high? No …
Aug 8th 2018

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