Finding the perfect styling or curling iron can be difficult for non-stylists, as there are many kinds of curling irons and different alloys that create the plates that go onto them. The most common types, and what they are made of are what will be further explained below to potentially help the customer make the best decision for their hair or client’s hair when purchasing new irons. Each type of iron does the same thing, in curling hair, but in different ways, and have their own benefits due to the shape of the iron, its features, or the alloys that created the plates on it. Before purchasing an iron, it is imperative to know what it does, how it works, and how to hold the iron to use it correctly and get a good curl for the hair. 


Spring Curling Iron 

A Spring Curling Iron is a very common style of curling iron. It has a spring mechanism on the clamp that holds it and the hair tight to the barrel surface. They are easy to use because the spring clasp sets on the hair when curling. The spring clamp in the iron provides a tighter, stronger, more polished curl that bounces, like ringlets. The curls come out shiny, smooth, and defined, however end up with an indentation mark on each hair from the clamp coming down on each hair usually. These irons are popular with non-professional salon stylists because of how simple it is to curl hair with them. 

Marcel Curling Iron 

A Marcel Curling Iron has a clamp that is controlled manually by the stylist. No spring necessary! The user has less of a chance of creases or marks in the hair with this kind of iron. They take experience to handle well and are most often used by salon professionals, although they can be used at home by non-stylists, if you know what you are doing. If you do not master the technique that it takes to use them, you could burn yourself easily. Marcel irons can create many different curl and wave patterns if the user knows how to use them properly. The experience of using the Marcel can be comparable to using chopsticks initially. Although not impossible to learn how to use them for non-hair stylists, it is tricky and takes time to learn how to get the kinds of curls you want. 

A Curling Wand is simply an iron with no clips, clasps, or clamps. A Spring Curling Iron whose spring took a vacation! The wand gives you that vacation look, as well, with relaxed, natural waves as opposed to the spring curling iron’s tight curls. Nice, beach looks! Depending on how you curl the hair or angle the wand while curling, can change the type of curl you get: ranging from beach curls to waves, depending on the barrel size on the curling iron. Your curls can vary from starting big at the root of the head to smaller rings at the end of the curl. Once you have mastered how to utilize the wand, you only need one hand to handle this iron once you have wrapped the hair properly around it! If you want a quicker curling session with long lasting curls, but do not care about the extra shine, then the wand is what you want to use. 

Curling Wand 

Coni-Curl Curling Iron 

The Coni-Curl Curling Iron is designed in a conical shape for loose curls where the iron is wide near the handle and narrow at the bottom of the iron for tighter curls. The Sol-Gel Nano Titanium technology allows the user to work with larger or smaller sections of hair and makes the irons strong and smooth when curling the hair. This curling iron looks, holds, and curls like a regular curling wand. 


Nano Titanium 

 Nano Titanium is an exceptional conductor of ultra-high heat and resistant to corrosion. It has a quick heat up time and heats the hair shaft evenly throughout the iron. If it is not used correctly, then it can cause serious heat damage to the hair. This helps with smooth hair straightening and faster hair straightening, as well. The titanium keeps the hair in good condition by locking in the hair’s natural moisture. It is very durable and strong; However, the titanium feels light to the touch to hold. This technology works very well with thick and/or coarser hair types due to the heat that it exudes. Nano Titanium tends to be considered more expensive because of its superior features. 


Ceramic helps to heat the hair from the inside out with even heat distribution, which lets you straighten hair even on lower temperatures. They are also strong and durable like the nano titanium. One of the biggest advantages of ceramic is that it tends to get rid of frizz and static in the hair at high heats and is less likely to pull on your hair because ceramic plates are smoother and glide over the hair. The high heat that ceramic can withstand also reduces heating up time for the iron. Flat irons or curling irons can have solid ceramic plates or ceramic plated over metal iron plates. Ceramic plated irons can chip over time, whereas solid ceramic irons take a bit longer to wear down. Ceramic is affordable and can match the efficiency of its titanium counterpart. 

Tourmaline Ceramic 

Tourmaline is a gem that is crushed into a very fine powder and then infused and baked into ceramic material used to make plates for irons. The new combined alloy, Tourmaline Ceramic, literally locks in moisture and smooths hair without damaging it in every pass through the hair. Tourmaline creates negative ions to counteract the positive ions in hair to make silky smooth and frizz resistant hair. This material is best for all types of hair, thin or coarse, and normal or damaged.  

The best choice is to always do your research, find out what works for your hair type, and buy an iron that contributes to the overall health and growth of your hair! Also, find a curling iron that fits your budget, as all of these vary from affordable to pricey costs. These decisions are not just for professional hair stylists to make when you know what makes the differences in each iron and what they are made up of. The techniques you learn along the way, such as how to hold each iron while curling your hair or how to properly maneuver the mechanics of each iron, will contribute to new curl patterns and styles for the hair. With this information, we hope to help you consider what would be the best product for you and your hair. 

Happy Curling and Styling!!! 

Nov 12th 2020

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