Sulfate Vs. Sulfate Free Hair Products

Do You Know the Difference? 

Do you honestly pay attention when you buy your household products as to what are in them? Or do just purchase by brand, price, and popularity? Although most products seem to say the same things on the labels as other similar products do, but all products are not created equally in terms of helping every customer with what they need for their hair. Every person is different, as is their skin, body, and clothes, so each customer or consumer needs to know what product is right for them. Detergents, shampoos, conditioners and other cleaning and cleansing agents usually use sulfate in their products. Most people will use this without even knowing what it does for them or if it is even for them and their skin type. So, what is sulfate and what is it used for?! 


What is Sulfate? 

Sulfate is a salt that forms when sulfuric acid combines or reacts with another chemical that contains mineral salts. Sulfate goes into many products that are used for cleaning your body and hair. It is even found in everyday items like wine and food and acts as a prevention to the growth of fungi and bacteria. With the cleansing power that it has, sulfate creates a rich and unmatched lather when washing. The rich, thick lather is to help release dirt, oils, and grime from the hair and scalp upward to the surface, including skin cells. The strength of the lather can also help with dandruff, as it takes oils out of the hair which can make dandruff worse in some cases. This all sounds great, especially for oily hair, but a downside to sulfate, however, is that if your hair is too dry, the sulfates can cause more dryness, redness, and irritation. This, also, can end up making your hair dry, brittle, and unhealthy if your hair is not strong or hydrated enough to deal with sulfates in the products. 


Sulfate-Free Product Benefits 

While the sulfate products work as deep cleaning, sulfate free products can help reduce frizz and oil build up as well. If you have sensitive or dry skin, then sulfate free products may be for you. It will not strip away your essential oils or irritate your scalp. It preserves the natural oils in your hair and is good for dyed hair also, because it adds the extra moisture to the already dried out processed hair. There are natural hair growth supplements in sulfate free shampoos, conditioner, and other cleaning products to promote healthier, longer, and stronger hair. To balance and add moisture to your hair while maintaining its shine and softness are the main goals of sulfate free products. These products are good for daily use, as opposed to their sulfate double. One downfall, if that, of sulfate free shampoos and detergents is that they do not make that same satisfying, solid lather as sulfate products create. You may need to use more water to get a better buildup of suds. 


Choices, Choices! 

With either product variant (sulfate or sulfate free) you purchase, you must make sure that it is good for your skin, hair, and clothes. It is important to know what each does, if it is for you, and how healthy it will keep your hair or clothes. Depending on hair and skin type, will determine what kind of products you should purchase. Dry hair and scalp will probably need a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that has less of a lather, that will still protect the moisture for the hair. Whereas the oily hair or dandruff ridden hair will possibly require sulfate shampoo and conditioner for greater sanitization purposes and more froth for the user to feel like their hair is as clean as the lather is thick. The choice of what to purchase may not always be obvious or easy to find in stores or online for the consumer, but there are options, at least. Happy Hunting for these household and cleansing products! 


Here to Help… 


With Sulfates 

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Without Sulfates 

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Many everyday Drugstore Brands carry cleansing products with sulfates in them.