Women of color are known for having beautiful skin, but sometimes find it tasking when it comes to makeup selection, as the tones and makeup lines needed are not always available. At some points, colors that go well with dark skin needs are sometimes lacking, while others times, women of color tend not to find cosmetic lines that go dark enough. In all of these cases, here are 5 makeup tips that can be useful to women of color:

Know Your Skin Tone

Be it light or dark foundation, undertones play a major role in foundations. Applying the wrong foundation on your face, no matter how well it is applied, can have an adverse effect on your look. This is why for women who have non-Caucasian skin, yellow-based foundations are the best option for you because you have warm undertones. While those having really dark skins, a pink-based foundation can be a nice try as you are likely to have cool undertones.

Underscore Your Cheeks

The aim of making up your face is to underscore your cheeks,  and not to color them. Neutrals that are about darker than your skin’s undertone like brown,  are good for dark skinned women, whole colors like peach will do for light skinned women. For the blush, light shimmer highlights the structure of your cheekbone and blends it with the tone of your skin.

Contrast Your Eyes

Virtually all women of color have deep dark eyes. Lining your eyes in colors that are attractive like pink or green, can draw attention to the beauty of your eyes. Go on to tone it using neutral eyeshadow like gold to perfect it.

Color Your Lips

Women of color are known for their lips, and the darker your skin, the darker you can make your lips to look amazing. Aside from neutral colors, women of color can try a variety of color, but it is better to line your lips in soft colors like mauve or plum while you cover your mouth for clear perfection. A darker lipstick to the lower lips won’t be a bad idea too.

Don’t Skip Primer

For women of color, a lot of times harsh lighting can fail. Though foundation sometimes conceals uneven skin tone, it is still better to use a primer. Primer does well in filling fine lines, smoothing over bumps, erasing dark circles and pigmentation, correcting flaws and bringing about fine lines.

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