Don’t have time to make it to the nail salon or just trying to save some money? We get it. That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect at home manicure that anyone can do along with some helpful tips! We’ve even added some fun design tips at the end!

The first thing you’re going to want to do to achieve the perfect at home manicure…

1. Wash your hands.

Get all the gunk out from under your nails and make sure your hands are nice, sparkly and ready to be treated!

2. Clip Your Nails.

Clip to the desired length, try to make sure they are all even.

3. File!

Now you decide what kind of shape you want to go for. Oval, square, squoval, round, or pointed?

4. Wash your hands… again.

Filing can cause a bit of a mess.

5. Exfoliate!

Before you exfoliate though, if you noticed that your nails are discolored, put some toothpaste on them and scrub them with a nail brush, then rinse.

6. Petroleum Jelly!

Line around your nails with petroleum jelly to make clean up a bit easier!

7. Base Coat!

If you want to prevent chip do two layers of your base. Also if you’re doing a color without a lot of pigment or a neon that you really want to pop, after your base coat put on white nail polish as a base.

8. Color!

Choose your favorite color and get to painting!

*Pro-Tip when coloring do lots of thin layers NOT one thick coat.


9. Top Coat!

After you put your top coat on to help dry your nails faster soak them in ice water for about 30 seconds.

10. Clean Up! 

Wipe around your nails with a q-tip or a cotton ball, your choice. You can even get a tiny clean brush, put it in nail polish remover and use that to wipe away the excess.

Fun Design Tips!

Two Tone –

You can create a two-tone look by coloring your whole nail one color, waiting till it dries, then placing tape over the area you want it to stay that color and coloring the revealed part another color!

French Mani –

Similar to the two-tone, use a paper reinforcer to help map out the tip of your nail for a straight line.

Mermaid Nail –

Color your nail you’d like to be the outline, then separate a loofah and place that over the dry nail and color over to create a mermaid look!

Ombre –

Get a sponge and paint 2+ colors on it then just dab it onto your nail!

Make Your Own Polish –

Get a spoon and put some loose pigment in it, for instance from an eyeshadow, then dab a little bit of clear polish in it and voila!

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