Gamma+ Italia Professional Matte Absolute Hitter - Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold

Honed blade – Sharper and Smoother

Custom body kits

Black Diamond Carbon DLC blade

Honed adjustable zero gap blade for a sharper finish and smoother glide

Charging stand and mini USB

Removable drop top skeleton option with axis shield to protect the armature and 4 customizable colored options

Includes 3 attachment guards, cleaning/maintenance and mini screwdriver

Comes in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold



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Professional Cord/Cordless Modular Trimmer with Black Diamond Blade

Honed blade – sharper and smoother

Custom body kits

Highest quality black diamond carbon DLC blade stays cooler, rust free, and sharper longer.

Fully adjustable blade can be easily zero gapped for the closest cut and finish.

Additional housing options for 12 different modifications

Superchargerd rotary motor cuts through any hair type in a single tap.

Lithium ion battery delivers 240mins. of run time with 2hr. rapid charge

Removable drop top option for skeleton style design to expose the blade for cooler operation, better sight line, and enhanced precision

Convenient mini screwdriver keychain for blade regulation and custom body modifications

Low battery notification system beeps once at 10% life, twice when 5% battery life, and beeps three times when 3% battery life remains.

Includes: charging stand, mini USB cord, 3 guards, cleaning/maintenance kit, axis shield, and 4 colored buttons (red, green, pink, and blue)

Color/Style: Silver, Gold and Rose Gold Matte


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