Stylecraft Protege Professional Modular Clipper - Black

Ridged Taper Blade with Shallow Tooth Cutter can be easily zero gapped

Click lever taper control with 5 detent positions

4hrs. of continuous wireless runtime and universal mini USB

Includes 5 magnetic guards and cleaning/maintenance kit

Comes in Black

Model: #SCAP


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Click lever taper control with 5 different positions for consistent fades and blending

Fully adjustable zero gap taper blade can be easily zero gapped for the closest cut and finish

Supercharged rotary motor is quieter and more powerful to cut through any hair type in a single pass

Lithium ion battery delivers 240mins. of runtime with a 1hr rapid charge

Modular with easily upgradeable and interchangeable components

Universal mini USB charger for worldwide use

Includes 5 magnetic guards (1/16in., 1/8in., 1/4in., 3/8in., and 1/2in.) and cleaning/maintenance kit.

Color/Style: Black

Model: #SCAP

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