Want a new do for date night or just a night out with some friends? Don’t have the time or funds for a salon trip? But also worried about frying and damaging your hair? Buying styling tools are tricky for the average person who just wants to look nice when they go out and most the time we make the wrong choice on our styling tools, just pick up whatever looks nice and end up damaging our precious hair.


However, no more! Say goodbye to fried and damaged hair because we have just the thing for you! Here’s a short and easy lesson about what to look for when buying styling tools!


There are five types of hot tools; ceramic, tourmaline, chrome, titanium, and gold:


Ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium are the best types. They all produce their own even heat.


Ceramic on top of producing its own even heat is gentle on hair resulting in less damage.
If you plan on getting one of these products we recommend the Kardashian Beauty 1 ½” Ceramic Hair Styling Flat Iron


Tourmaline, just like ceramic offers negative ions to your hair, which produces positive ions, and in this, it stabilizes your hair into neutral for a smoother look. Tourmaline tools are best for thin hair, however, tourmaline products do wear out faster.
If you’re interested in this type of tool try out Hot Tools Titanium 1” Digital Micro-Shine Salon Flat Iron


Titanium is a lightweight tool resulting in less arm fatigue and it works the best for thick hair. Titanium also doesn’t corrode and is very durable.
If you’re looking to get on with these tools we recommend Hot Tools Pro Ionic Tourmaline 1 ½” Hot Styler Brush Iron


Chrome-based tools don’t produce heat they just get hot. And when we say hot, we mean HOT. Chrome tools basically just cook your hair. We DO NOT recommend these types of tools.


Gold tools get heat up quickly and once they get hot, they stay hot.


Don’t Forget to Clean Your Styling Tools!


Most people don’t realize they need to clean their styling tools so their tools build up gunk and product on them that isn’t good for their hair. If you’re not sure how to go about cleaning them, here are some easy instructions!


  1. Unplug your tool
  2. Moisten a cotton pad/cloth with warm water
  3. Rub away the gunk!


Pro-tip! If water doesn’t work add a little rubbing alcohol for better results. It’s also easier if the tool is just a little warm; don’t leave it plugged in though!

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