Confused on which brush is best for your hair? Used to just picking up whatever looks good and then suffering the consequences later? It’s easy to get confused as there are almost just as many different types of hair brushes as there are makeup brushes out there. However, look no further! We have all the hair brush knowledge you need!

The first step in finding the perfect brush for you is knowing your hair type. Is your hair thick and curly? Straight and fine? Whatever the case may be, there is a brush for you!


Here’s our quick list to figure out which is best for you:


Thick hair:

For thick and tangled hair a paddle hair brush is best for you! They have sparser bristles that help to penetrate the denser strands to remove tangles and add shine.

We recommend Wet Brush’s Pro Detangling Paddle Brush for best results!


Fine hair:

For fine hair, a regular mixture hair brush will help to remove any tangles, while also distributing your scalp’s natural oils throughout the rest of your hair. However, if you want to get fancy a vent brush or a volumizing brush will produce the best results! These brushes will easily allow you to style your hair!

Try the HSI Professional EZ Flow Vented Hair Brush for silky smooth hair!


Medium Hair:

For medium hair types, a regular mixed bristle hair brush will give the best results!


Curly Hair:

For curly tangly hair, the best results will be received by a brush with widely spaced ionic nylon bristles.

If you’re looking to easily style your hair we recommend TS2’s Super Smoother Straightening Brush.


Wet Hair:

For wet hair, the best solution is a wide-toothed comb. We recommend Cricket’s Copper Clean Conditioning Comb.


Also #LifeHack ! If you have lots of fly-aways we have just the solution! Spray some light hairspray on it and smooth it over with a makeup brush! For this, we recommend Elf’s Studio Blush Brush.


Don’t forget to clean your hair brushes!!

Everyone remembers to clean their make up brushes but for some reason, hair brushes are always forgotten. Hair brushes not only accumulate hair clumps and product residue, but they can also accumulate dust mites, dead skin cells, and oils!


Here are some quick tips on how to clean your hair brushes:


Plastic/Ceramic Hair Brush:

Weekly remove hair from the brush. Once a month fill the sink with warm water and some gentle shampoo, wash and then airdry.


Paddle Hair Brush:

Be careful when cleaning your paddle brush! The moisture left in it can give the brush unpleasant smells or even mold! For these brushes, we recommend you heed to the manufacturers care instructions or once every other month wash them in warm water.


Wood Hair Brushes:

With wood brushes the finish on the wood could be ruined with soap and water so we recommend checking the manufacturers care instructions and if not just give it a swish under some warm water once a month.

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